Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Brrrrrrr! It's been cold outside the last day or two. It's been a real test of my dedication to early-morning walking for sure! I can't say that I was disappointed when Kandee told me this morning she couldn't walk tomorrow----it's supposed to be 23 degrees or so!

In light of the cold weather, I decided that Emmi needed something to keep her warm. I made her a coat earlier this winter, but it's not something that she can keep on all day---it's more for a walk outside, etc. Since she uses her doggie door all day long while I'm at work, she needed something that she could keep on during these really cold days.

Trying to use up yarn that I already had on hand, I doubled the strands of this soft turquoise yarn and knitted this little sweater that I found on Midnight Knitter' site.As you can see, it is a bit small. Well, more than a bit small---I had a hard time getting it on and off of Emmi. She did wear it all day, but the way the knitting was stretched, I doubt that it did much in the way of keeping her warm.

So, yesterday I stopped and got another skein of a thicker yarn and tried again last night. This one fits her much better and actually seems like it might keep her warm. I would like for it to be a little bit longer in the back, but other than that, it works pretty well and she seemed like she liked it. Maybe if I actually use the kind of yarn and needles suggested in the pattern, it would fit her the way it's supposed to!
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