Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Past, Our Future

As I have been cleaning out, re-arranging and freshening rooms in my house the last month or so, I decided that the photos that have been hanging in my hallway also needed a fresh look. Using coupons and sales, I have been replacing the worn-out, cheap wooden frames with new black gallery-style frames.
Yesterday, I measured and leveled and got most of them hung back up. I love the way it looks now---clean and uncluttered. As I've removed photos from frames and carefully chose which ones to continue displaying and which to store away for now, I've reminisced about the girls and the stages they've grown through. In addition, I have several photos taken of my parents (this one is of my dad) and grandparents and other ancestors. I love looking at the handmade clothes they are wearing in many of the pictures and marvel at the hands that made the eyelet, lace and buttonholes. Having these photos in my home provides a link to our family's past.

Perhaps they will also be a link to the future. Perhaps future generations will one day hang this picture of Jana

or this one of Callie (wearing her Poppy's dress)
in the hallways of their homes. Maybe they will admire clothes they wear or wonder about their families and lives.
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