Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wedding in Jackson

One of Callie's oldest friends ---- been buddies since 3 year old preschool--- got married this weekend in Jackson and Callie was a bridesmaid.  Knowing that she would be eight months pregnant at the time of the wedding posed a challenge for ordering and altering her dress, but we made our best guess as to size back in March.  This past week, she tried on the dress and discovered that we'd done well in that regard---it fit around her baby belly just right.   The bodice, however was quite another story (as we knew it would be).  While her belly was a size 12, her bodice was still a size 2---okay, maybe a 4 since she is pregnant.   However, some reconstruction fixed that problem and she was ready for the wedding.

Since Jordan began his new job this week, there was no way he was going to be able to take a day off to drive over with Callie, so I was thrilled to be able to drive her over and spend that time with her.  The wedding venue was so beautiful and unique--a recently renovated Ice House.  The ceremony room included pews, stained glass windows and even an altar.
The original freight elevators, hinges, windows and staircase added to the ambiance.
Roxie, the bride, is one of those wonderfully unique people that makes you smile with her enthusiasm for life.  She is a "theatre girl" and never met a stranger, and she and Callie as such opposites in so many ways, but they have the same heart for others and brilliant minds that keep them grounded to each other for a lifetime.

Just before the last "bridal photos" were to be taken prior to the ceremony, her mother, Lynda, came and asked me to "fix her".  As I attempted to fluff her hair and fix the lapel of her jacket, she noticed that one of her brand new crystal earrings had fallen out of her ear.  Distressed, we all searched for it frantically.

Knowing the crunch for time, she remembered that she'd packed an alternative set of jewelry in her bag and quickly changed to the pearl necklace and earrings, fixed her bolero jacket and looked beautiful.
As the music for the ceremony began, I was seated and waited for the attendants to walk down the aisle.  I suddenly felt something tickling my left arm and attempted to flick it away.  Until I noticed that the offender was the missing earring, stuck to the Velcro on my wrist splint!!!   HA-HA  When I showed it to Lynda later, she laughed and said that it must have been God's way of telling her to "wear pearls".

Roxie was beautiful and so happy!
These four girls have known each other from kindergarten--and 3 of them from preschool.
As we drove back to Shreveport that evening, Callie and I were both pretty tired, but I was so glad to have been able to share in Roxie and David's special day.

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JJB said...

So fun! Love the picture of the four girls all grown up! And love the picture of you and Callie!

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