Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hostess Gifts for a Shower

Callie and I have been on the lookout for great ideas for hostess gifts for her shower.  If you google that, you get a variety of ideas ranging from boring to absolutely absurd!  I mean, who really gives $100-150 gifts to each hostess giving a shower?!?!?!   We wanted to find something pretty that they would actually use and an idea Valine sent me several months ago seemed to fit the bill.
Ron helped me by cutting a 2x8 board into 7 1/2 " lengths and then even sanded them for me!  (yep, he's a keeper)   I sprayed them all white as a base coat and then added other colors and patterns to the front and sides before distressing them a bit with sandpaper.
Here they are, all ready to go!   Callie added a personal thank you note clipped to the front of each bag.

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JJB said...

So cute! What a great idea! I love the sunflower-looking doilies on the bags... totally Callie!

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