Monday, June 16, 2014


When I arrived at Callie's office right after lunch, the ladies quickly ushered me into their meeting room that was decorated and ready for Callie's shower.
She works for the non-profit Community Renewal International and was scheduled to meet with several neighborhood liaisons that afternoon in the meeting room, so when she first entered, she didn't seem surprised.
However, once she realized that this was no ordinary meeting, she was completely surprised!
There was a beautiful cake and various snacks.
There was a game involving paperclips (since they couldn't find any clothespins in the office) and not crossing your legs or arms.  Fortunately, I never even got my paperclip to begin with because I kept forgetting and crossing my ankles.

When it was time to open gifts, one of the ladies soon wheeled in a rolling chair and plopped in the middle of the room for Callie to sit it.  Her feet didn't even touch the floor!
And there were sweet gifts to welcome baby Luke!
Such sweet coworkers who all seemed genuinely excited to be part of Callie's special time!  Even a couple of the men poked their heads in the door for a time or two!!

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