Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day Gift Idea

I'm taking a brief break from my Alaska trip to post a little gift idea, just in case you want to do something similar---there is still time.

My father passed away 5 1/2 years ago and I miss him so much.  There are still so many times that I want to share something that has happened or to ask for his advice.  But, I also realize how very lucky I was to have had him for such a long time.

Ron's kids all live a good distance away and while they will remember him this Sunday, they can't be with him for Father's Day.  I decided to put together my own gift for him, just to remind him how special I think he is.  I was inspired by this post (you can click on the picture below to take you to her site and the free printables):
To personalize it for Ron, I chose a new running bag and built the contents around our favorite hobby--running.  Here is what I included in the bag:
YOU . . .
**are the flip to my flop (new pair of flip-flops)
**are light in the dark (small flashlight)
**are protection when I stumble (box of bandaids)---I needed lots more than bandaids the last time I stumbled-----lol
**are cushion for my "soul" and **knock my socks off(running socks)
**are the zip in my fizz (our new favorite energy drink- Zipfizz)
**are smooth when things are rough (lip balm)
**strength when I'm weak (Myoplex muscle milk)
**are order in the midst of chaos (clear zipper pouches to organize things----this is kind of a hoot since he is the one who always loses things)
**are balance when things are shaky (Balance nutrition bars)
**are sunshine when it's raining (sunscreen)
And after experimenting with ways to display all the items sticking out of the bag, I finally decided to just tuck them all inside with a card.
And here it is all zipped up.

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