Friday, May 23, 2014

What's Up in the Garden?

So far, the netting that we installed over the garden is working well---no more digging in the plot.  Since the sugar snap peas seemed to be nice and plump, I picked some for dinner tonight.  As I walked over to the right side to unhook the netting, I got quite a surprise when I almost stepped right on this!!
Oh my goodness!!  I did a double-take and then went inside to get Ron.  Without explaining why I needed him to come out RIGHT NOW, at first he didn't want to come.  But of course, he understood the urgency when he saw the snake.
Obviously, he had gotten caught up in the netting last night and died there (thank goodness).  I know that many snakes are harmless, but at my house, the only good snake is a dead snake!
We looked him up online and think that it is most likely a non-venomous Texas Rat Snake.  I'm just glad he's gone!!
After taking care of that guy, I was able to pick tomatoes, sugar snap peas and purple hull peas, as well as
The purple peas weren't quite ready, I don't think, so I'll wait a while longer before I pick any more.  I grilled the sugar snap peas with a little olive oil and seasoning and they were tasty.
During supper, we had a little friend watching us on the fence.  Can you spot him?
Here he is a little closer.  He sat and watched us eat and didn't even budge much with the dogs running around.
So tonight it was all about snakes in the garden and squirrels on the fence!   Wonder what tomorrow will bring?
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