Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fresh From The Garden

Have you ever been camping?  Well, if you have, you know that everything tastes better if it is cooked over a campfire.  For some reason, the ordinary turns to extraordinary when cooked over an open fire.   Well, the same is true from vegetables straight from the garden.  We almost always had a small garden when I was growing up.  Although I don't really remember helping much in the garden, I do remember getting to pick green beans occasionally and I seem to remember Mother saying that strawberries were hard to grow.

As you know, this year I have my first garden---well more than tomato plants.  Tonight we finally tasted the first bites from it.  It's a small garden, but I started much of it from seed, so it has been fun to watch the sprouts emerge and begin to grow.  This evening, we had lettuce and cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden on our grilled hamburgers!  They were so YUMMY!!  (I had pictures, but they somehow got deleted into cyberspace by accident)

Unfortunately, this morning, we discovered a large hole in the garden and several spinach plants destroyed.  Thinking that a possum was to blame, I headed to Lowe's bright and early to purchase some bird netting with the hopes of getting it in place before nightfall.   However, when I got home this evening, I discovered two more large holes and dirt thrown everywhere.
This was definitely not the work of a possum, but more likely of that black four-legged critter that lives with us!  I was NOT a happy camper!  So, after dinner, we got out the bird netting and rigged a canopy of sorts to hopefully deter future predators (squirrels, possums or Joy!).
Keep your fingers crossed!

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