Monday, December 31, 2012


Christmas has come and gone at my house and has left mostly good things behind and only one not-so-good thing.   The bad---I'm sick!  Boo!   I haven't been sick in a long time and this is no fun at all, but after spending almost 4 hours in the "Quick Care clinic" (who in the heck named it that?!), I learned that I have strep.  No sore throat, but that low-grade fever has me feeling completely worn out.   Unfortunately, it hit on Jana & Rob's last days here and I wasn't good for much fun after that! ;-(

But, the good of the holidays far out-weighs that little nuisance of an illness.  After driving down to pick up Tyler, Ron and I drove over to Kerrville the weekend before Christmas to celebrate the season with his kids and grandkids.  His oldest son, Terry, had to work until Sunday night, so our time with him was limited, but in the meantime we explored Kerrville a little bit.  We stopped by his wife Jaylynn's, boutique---Corabell's.  It was the prettiest shop, filled with fun clothes and accessories, as well as great gift items.

Tyler and Ron had a few pillow fights in the hotel---yep that's Santa watching, boys!

The three of us explored the Guadalupe River in downtown Kerrville

and the little kids played and played in the backyard.

Sunday, we loaded up the cars and drove to Fredericksburg to hike the Enchanted Rock, a huge pink, granite dome.  We picnicked on Subway sandwiches before beginning our trek.

We kept a leisurely pace since we had 2 small children and a puppy with us.

In fact, the last part of the hike up was spent carrying the little people.

But, once we reached the top, the view was really nice.

It was quite windy, too.   We posed for a group picture (as I tried to hang on to A)

then Ron asked for a picture of just the two of us.

I obliged, and should have gotten suspicious when everyone pulled out their cameras and he said he wasn't through yet.  But, I was totally shocked when he pulled a ring out of his running pack and proposed!!   (gee, I wish I'd known to wear makeup and cute clothes!!)

There were quite a few other people on the Rock that day, and when we turned around, I realized that several others had stopped to watch, too.  Ron shouted "She said yes!"

Most of the rest of the hike was a bit of a blur--I was still trying to process it all.

But, we did mange to get one more really fun group shot in this rock formation---we all had to plant our feet firmly against the boulders in order to keep from slipping down the steep slope.

And, since I came back to Shreveport to a full house and then got sick, I haven't even had a chance to get my ring sized to fit my fat fingers.  But, I'm so happy and can't wait for 2013----and to become a bit more regular in my blogging, I hope.
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JJB said...


So glad that we got to spend the rest of the holiday with you. Forgot to upload your photos from your camera onto our laptop... I'll have to steal from your blog when you post them :)

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