Saturday, December 8, 2012

Looking Back at Thanksgiving

My week of Thanksgiving vacation flew by.  While both of my girls and their husbands had plans of their own this year, Dan was able to join us in Shreveport for a several days.  Ron's daughter and her family also visited and Ron had to work each day except Thanksgiving--boo!  It made for a crazy break, but lots of fun!

One morning, before driving down to Cheneyville to pick up Dan, I loaded the kids in my car and we went to the duck pond, giving their parents a chance to shower and get ready for the day without two little ones underfoot.  Armed with ziploc bowls and scoops for minnows, we had a great time!!   Despite our best attempts, there were no minnows caught this time, but that didn't deter them from trying.  

We did feed the ducks and geese however.   

And played on the playground

and even posed for a few pictures.

Thanksgiving day, while we waited for the food to get ready, there were a few games of soccer in the backyard (love the pink soccer ball)

and lots of "bug-hunting."  Dan joined in the search and helped by moving heavy bricks and such.  

The lizards were too quick this time, but several roly-polies (sp?) found a temporary home in our bug boxes.  

The prized find, however, was a big old, slimy slug.  UGH!  

Imagine my excitement the next day when we discovered an empty bug box on the coffee table.  :-(   Nope, never did find that slug!

We did enjoy a great Thanksgiving dinner, too, complete with mashed potatoes, dressing, green beans, gravy and pecan pie.

My favorite images from the week also serve as a reminder of how very thankful I am for my family, for Ron and for getting to enjoy his family, too.

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JJB said...

Those pictures of playing in the backyard bring back my own wonderful memories of doing the same...

Also, love that last photo of Ron and Ady... that's a framer for sure!!

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