Saturday, December 8, 2012

Birthday Fun

A couple of months ago, Ron and I were invited to join Valine and her family as they celebrated her dad's 80th birthday!!  What an honor to be included in such a milestone.  I was dubbed the official photographer and was a little nervous about the "gig", but it was so much fun to see Valine, Kirk and the girls and to share her dad's celebration.

When we arrived to help with the set up, Valine already had almost everything completed.  But, the guys (Kirk and Ron) were needed to help unload the cake.  The biggest, heaviest, chocolate cake I've seen.  It was a chocolate "doberge" cake, a New Orleans delicacy and was a special request by Mr. Sledge.    

 Cutting it turned into quite a feat and Pam and I worked hard to perfect our technique of slicing and "flipping" onto plates.

The cake was DELICIOUS, though, and a hit with everyone!

The food was also really good

as was the band.  The sax player turned out to be a childhood friend of Valine's!

Valine and Scott put on a wonderful party--such a sweet tribute to her daddy, Mr. Sledge.  Here are a few highlights from the festivities:

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Pam Brown said...

I love the pictures! That cake brings back memories for certain-- but what fun we had!


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