Monday, December 31, 2012

Fairy Houses and Acorn Babies

A coupe of weeks ago, Jana sent me the link to these fun "fairy houses".

                                                      (Source:  Filth

Knowing that I had two little people coming to visit me soon that would just love this sort of thing, I began stashing the empty water jugs before they made it to our recycling pile.   I carefully cut out doors and windows, looking forward to decorating them with colored sharpies, stickers, pipe cleaners and such.  I knew that we would fashion the most amazing fairy houses ever!!

Things took a slightly different turn when I got sick.  Yesterday, when I returned from my 4 hour episode at the Quick Care clinic, Ron greeted me, then handed me one of the jugs, explaining that they had decorated them while I was gone.

Hmmmmm, not exactly what I had envisioned, but it does look like they had fun.   Reminder to self:  it is the process that matters, not the outcome!!

Perhaps my next craft would go a little differently.    This afternoon, when M began bringing in acorns from outdoors, I did a quick check on Pinterest for ideas and both he and A decided they loved the idea of making "acorn babies".  They were making a trip to Hobby Lobby anyway, so I asked them to pick up a few squares of felt knowing that I already had some tiny wiggly eyes we could use.

While A took a nap, M and I set to work.  We cut tiny blankets and using the glue gun made a set of acorn babies for each of them.

We even used the leftover felt to make baskets to carry them in.

Next up, an acorn covered picture frame---of course, that may have to wait until after I take a nap.  All this crafting has pretty much wiped me out!
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JJB said...

Don't you hate when that happens! The acorn babies are cute though!

Save the fairy houses for my future children!

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