Friday, December 23, 2011

Insta Friday

The week has zoomed by. At first, it seemed like there was so much time until Christmas, but suddenly I realize it is almost hours away. I began the week with a celebration of Advent with the Good News Sunday School class.

Of course, there has been some last minute shopping to be done, but the crowds on the road and in the stores have made me so glad that I had most of it done before school got out for the holidays.

My Christmas cards did finally get mailed out---the craftiness was "low-tech" this year, but the sentiment was there for sure.

Jana and I drove down to Cheneyville this morning to pick up Dan. He is quite excited about the presents under the tree and periodically comes into the living room to count and see how many have his name on the tag! I let him go ahead and open the one from Pam, which contained his favorite thing---Cokes!!

Tonight, Jana headed out to meet up with some old friends from her high school days. She looked so cute!

The countdown is on now! It looks like the cookies most likely won't get baked until after Christmas and there are still piles of things that need to be organized in the sewing room. But, through the years, I've learned that Christmas comes regardless of the messiness of life or what is going on in my house and there's something really special and very comforting about that.

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