Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY Photo Bag

A couple of months ago, I picked up a couple of purses at a Old Navy sale, with the goal of transforming them into DSLR camera bags for Jana and I. With my sewing room under construction for the weeks leading up to Christmas, that project got postponed until now. So, after reviewing the tutorials posted by LilBluBoo , Craft Passion , and Blue.Lace.House , I came up with my own version that would fit specifically into our bags. I really liked the pattern on Craft Passion, so I used that as the basis of our insert, substituting the measurements of our purses.

Here is the bag with the Insert in place, minus the dividers.
I ended up sewing velcro all the way around the interior (the soft side) and instead of just making 2 dividers, I made an extra small one to give us more versatility in how we arrange the space. As you can see, I used contrasting fabric on each side---and put additional soft velcro on one of the large dividers.
Here is the completed purse
After practicing on my purse, I had a few of the kinks worked out before sewing Jana's. I love the fabrics she chose.

Today, Jana and I put those bags to use on our excursion to Canton! They worked wonderfully and we felt so stylish!
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JJB said...

I certainly love my bag, and it will come in quite handy as I tote it around.

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