Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Shutter School

Jana and I both have Nikon cameras now---hers a D60 and mine a D5100. We both shoot pretty great photos on automatic. We both want to learn how to shoot great photos on OFF automatic. So this afternoon, after the food had been cooked,
we pulled out our cameras and a couple of online tutorials here, here, and over here. This little chart that I have pinned on Pinterest came in handy--I need to print one to keep in my camera bag.

Source: Uploaded by user via Linda on Pinterest

I was able to get a some bokeh after reading this easy-to-understand tutorial.
But, getting good, clear pictures in low, indoor light is definitely a challenge. Up until now, the aperture, shutter and exposure settings were just kind of jumbled in my mind. I've experimented with Aperture Priority setting, but have had very inconsistent results and had no idea what I was doing wrong. FINALLY, after watching this tutorial, it is starting to make a little bit of sense to me. So, Jana and I switched our cameras over to "M" and practiced (these are straight out of the camera):
My pictures of Emmi went from this:
to this!
And just to be sure that one wasn't a fluke:
Even the ones on the Christmas tree, with back light, turned out much crisper and prettier!
There is still much to learn, but at least it's beginning to make more sense to me.

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