Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yosemite, Part 2

It's Sunday again and since I can't take new photos easily, I thought I'd post a few more from our trip to Yosemite. Many of these photos are pulled from Jana and Callie's cameras since my photography came to an abrupt halt after I broke my wrist. But, surrounded with family and a wonderful National Park, I was determined to enjoy as much of it as I could. (plus, staying busy helped keep my mind off of my arm).

After the holiday crowds had dissipated a tiny bit, we headed to the valley to explore. Our first stop was Bridalveil Falls. It was beautiful, and very wet! Sally covered my cast with a plastic bag before I walked up, thank goodness, because the mist was really heavy. I got more than one strange look from other tourists, too.

(not a pretty picture, but this is what you look like when you combine pain meds with a waterfall)

After that, we parked near the meadow behind Yosemite Chapel and and enjoyed our picnic lunches while sitting on a fence. As we ate, several critters stopped by to visit. A curious squirrel , (isn't he cute??)

A woodpecker,

A red-winged Blackbird,

And my favorite, the Stellar Jay.

The meadow was filled with Queen Anne's lace and milkweed.

Across the street, was the amazing Yosemite Falls! There were so many people in this area that it felt a bit Disneyland-ish, but the Falls was still awesome.

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