Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

I think it's safe to say that my summer vacation did NOT go as planned. While things began wonderfully with our flight into San Francisco and arrival in Yosemite National Park that evening, things went horribly awry. Monday, July 4th, Callie, Jordan, Jana, Rob and I got up early to tackle the hike up Lembert Dome.

The weather was perfect--brisk temperatures and clear skies--as we gathered for a pre-hike photo.

The climb was steep at times and the newly melted snow had washed out the trail in a couple of places, but the scenery along the trail was beautiful!

We spotted a mule deer near Dog Lake and spotted some tiny creatures, along the way.

Once we were near the granite dome, we were faced with an uphill climb through one snow bank.

We made it!!

What a great view of the area from the Dome!!

Callie, Jordan and Jana scaled part of the double dome,

while Rob and I admired the scenery and flora at the trail's end. (I personally felt unsure of that last slippery surface).

Knowing that the rest of the family would be meeting us at Tenaya Lake for lunch soon, we started the hike down. As I carefully placed my poles and boots in the tracks of those ahead of me in the snow bank, I suddenly felt a sharp snap of my right wrist as my body was thrown to the left. I don't really know what happened except that the straps on my trekking poles kept my wrist from following the rest of me and I knew I broke it before I ever hit the ground.

The quick thinking (and careful planning) of my son-in-laws and daughters produced an ice pack, first aid tape and a splint made from the pole. We fashioned a sling from the long-sleeve shirts Jana and I brought with us. I really must have looked a sight as we encountered other hikers, but I was able to hike out and wait near the road while Callie and Jordan went to get a car.

The closest hospital was about an hour away, but it turned out to be such a God-send!! Not only was the staff super nice and efficient, but they are the official health provider for the USSA Snowboarders----and guess what their most frequent injury is?? You guessed it---wrists! With a cast, x-rays to take home, pain meds and instructions to see a surgeon ASAP, we headed back to our house 3 hours away. I'd like to say it's been a piece of cake since then, but that would be lying. Even though my activities were curtailed a good bit, I did manage to have some fun in the subsequent days and I am so thankful that things weren't much worse. I'm also very thankful for my amazing family who took care of me--washing my hair, snapping photos for me, opening bottles and driving for miles, just to mention a few things.

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****P.S. Surgery is now scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday)-----I'm ready to get this over with and get busy healing!!!

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Sandra said...

Goodness, what an adventure you have had! I hope your wrist is healing well. Take care. Sandy

JJB said...

you were such a trooper!!

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