Friday, July 15, 2011


It's Friday again and I have a few pictures to share with you. After my accident in Yosemite, my ability to use my camera was severely limited, so I finally resorted to using my phone---this could be done with my left hand. Here are a few of my favorites: This first one was actually taken when we first arrived in San Francisco--when both arms were still working. Cool building, don't you think??

Later in the week, Don, Sally and I encountered this young mule deer as we were backtracking through a meadow (just a couple of wrong turns).

We had several really nice picnics in Yosemite. What is it about eating a picnic that makes everything taste better?

My favorite insta-picture is this one from the bridge at Vernal Falls. See the rainbow? So pretty!

Last, but not least, here is the latest of the 4 different casts I've sported in the last week or so. I appreciate its support but definitely won't miss it when it's gone.

I'm linking up with Life Re-Arranged.

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our story said...

I heart San Fran! Your Instagram photos rock! Sorry your trip resulted in injury! Get well

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