Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Time

Last weekend, I flew out to Atlanta to spend some quality time with by brother, Don and his wife and with Jana & Rob. Friday, Don and I spent the day with papers, files and laptops spread out all over their dining room table. While the dogs kept watch out for Sally's return,

we went over most of the high points of my dad's succession and I tried to fill him in on how I was keeping records.

Late in the afternoon, Sally and I took Wally and Teddy for a walk.

The weather was beautiful and their yard is so lush and green right now. Really nice!!

For dinner, Sally cooked a wonderful meal (no surprise there---she's an awesome cook!!!) and Jana & Rob. My niece, Camile, came too and we had the chance to meet her boyfriend, Kyle (who we all liked a lot). Following the meal, I went home with Jana for a couple of days.
Saturday, I finally got to sleep a bit later than usual. The weather in that area was much cooler than here and it felt so good to be bundled up in covers in the bed. Jana and I set out to run a few errands and ended up spending most of the day in the Mall of Georgia or that general vicinity.

She tried on a few dresses

(this one definitely fell into the "way too big" category)

and we found a really cute outfit for her to wear to a wedding this weekend. The sales were abundant, so we ended up with quite a few bargains.
(might need to bring these into the house one at a time).

We had Chinese take-out back at home with Rob and I had to head home on Sunday.

It was a short visit, but helped supply some much-needed Jana/Mommy time!! I think I can make it now until I see her again this summer!

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JJB said...

a pretty interesting collection of pictures to represent our weekend. it was fun, though. and, i love you lots. can't wait until next time!

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