Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend (Part Two)

Dan's favorite meal is steak and baked potato, so we invited Jordan and Callie over to eat dinner with us Saturday night. Since the weather was so nice, we ate outdoors on the deck. My miniature rose bush is in full bloom right now (this is one that came from my childhood home on Lincoln Drive), so I cut a few bunches for our table.

We fired up the grill and Jordan took over. Yummy!!! We had a wonderful meal of steaks, baked potatoes, grilled corn and grilled asparagus. Everything was so good!!! (sorry Jana, no black bean recipes this time---but I am really starting to like asparagus!!)

After dinner, we sat around outside and visited for a while. The weather was perfect!

Callie and I had already bought the ingredients to prepare a special treat for our Sunday School classes----a recipe that I'd found online the day before. Resurrection Rolls. I found my recipe here. But, they are all over the internet---here and here and here. Kim used freezer rolls rather than crescent rolls, so we did, too. In fact, perhaps I should show you how hers turned out first:

Because ours bear very little resemblance to them at all!!! Everything sounded easy enough when I read the recipe and it all went together pretty quickly.

But to say that things ended up messy would be a major understatement!! And while many people would try out a new recipe such as this with just one small batch ---to be sure it worked. Not us!!! No, that's not how we roll (no pun intended) We whipped up 64 of these little guys! (notice the baking sheet on the counter----I ended up just throwing that away!)

On the last batch, after discovering that the marshmallows seemed to be leaking out the bottom of the rolls and burning on the cookie sheets, we decided to try flipping them over before cooking. Let's just say----NOT A GOOD IDEA!!

They actually tasted really good---kind of like Monkey Bread---but I'm afraid the idea of the tomb being left empty, etc., etc. may have been completely lost on our version of these rolls.

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