Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend Projects (Part One)

What a nice weekend it's been. Having Good Friday off from school, I drove down to Cheneyville to pick up Dan. As usual, he was waiting on the front porch for me with his bag just inside the door. I took some candy-filled carrots to the guys in his group home, and then we headed back to Shreveport for the weekend.

The weather was great---blue skies, lots of sunshine and wind. Lots of wind!! Thank goodness for that wind, though, because Friday set records for high temperatures around here. Dan helped me do a few things around the house once we got home---store away things in the storage building, hang a pegboard for my tools and paint a door for the laundry room (actually Dan watched me do many of those things, but he definitely helped reach high spots and hold things while I sawed or nailed). After dinner with Callie and a quick grocery shopping trip, I began sewing a faux Roman shade for the laundry room.

Saturday morning, we worked for a couple of hours in the food pantry. It was a really busy day and the time flew by!! Dan really enjoys meeting people and helping them carry their groceries, etc. He is so friendly to everyone. What a great way to help!

Back home, I recruited him to install the new door knobs on my cabinets in the laundry room as I drilled the holes. Those pesky knobs just wouldn't always slide in the way they were supposed to, so it wasn't as easy as it looks.

And here's the new window shade. I based mine on Fly Through My Window's tutorial found here----I really like the fabric I picked, but am certainly not wild about the fact that it seems to be hanging pretty crooked. What's up with that???
From Mommy's Treasures

It was great to spend time outdoors today. Dan helped me clean off the deck, washing down the furniture and storing away some of the things that had accumulated there over the past month or two. Initially, I'd had visions of working on a new walkway, but I quickly realized that was going to need to wait until another weekend---this one was already full enough!!

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JJB said...

love the shade. i believe its almost time for a laundry room reveal!!

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