Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Showers

It's not May yet, but there are still showers in the air. It seems that each weekend for the next month or two are filled with showers for weddings and new babies. This morning, I helped hostess a bridal shower for the daughter of a close friend at church. Robin is a great girl and we all agree that Elijah is a very lucky guy to be marrying her!

As we began planning the shower, we found it really difficult to schedule a time that all of the hostesses could meet together, even for a brief meeting. Thank goodness for the internet, because we kept in touch via email and divvied up jobs and food. I was in charge of the invitation, centerpiece and cake. Robin's sister told me that she really wanted a King Cake, so I was able to find a bakery that would prepare one for us, despite the fact that Mardi Gras was several days ago. (of course, we had tons left over given the Lenten promises of giving up sweets that so many people just began).

For flowers, I wanted something kind of simple and very feminine. I stopped at the floral area of the grocery store yesterday and was thrilled to see a brand new shipment of tulips---in every color imaginable. Robin's wedding colors include purple, so I bought a few bunches of purple and white (and a few pink ones for myself). :-) Using the bottles I'd saved from Callie's wedding, I placed a few stems in each one and placed them in my antique bottle rack. In addition, I used a bit of beading from the $1 bins at Joann's, a couple of crocheted doilies, some reindeer moss and a few organza flowers I whipped up last night. A while back, I added rub-ons to the bottles, as well as a few charms and that really added a nice feminine touch to the centerpiece.

So often, what I picture in my mind never quite translates in real life. But, this time it turned out just the way I intended, simple and feminine!

The shower turned out very nice and I think everyone had a good time. Can't wait until the wedding!

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