Friday, March 4, 2011

As I've been cleaning out the cabinets in my living room, I've spent lots of time reminiscing over photos and other tidbits of the past. Among some of my favorites are the sweet cards from my past that my mom had gathered in an envelope. These are the baby cards.

They just don't make cards like these anymore---

Look at the sweet drawings.

It tickles me that my mama felt the need to write my name on the front of each card. As if these very feminine cards weren't enough to separate them from those of my brothers. I think it took several days for them to settle on my name and well-wishers weren't sure. Once I was named, she must have gone through and labeled every card.

Here are a few of the birthday cards. There aren't any names on the outside of these cards, but, hey, I guess after four children in 5 1/2 years, something's gotta' give.

Love them! And love her for saving them!
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