Wednesday, March 2, 2011

J. T.

Today young teens seem to have iPods and earphones glued to their ears at all times. But, the truth is that music has always played an integral part of life for teens and tweens. For me it was the olive green record player that I received one Christmas. I was so excited!! My oldest brother gave me one of his albums as a gift--my first record of my very own!! I played it over and over and could sing every word of every song. The record (yes, it was one of those black vinyl things) . . . . "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor.
From Mommy's Treasures

I still love that album and many more (and can still sing almost every word to all those oldies). It's not hard to guess that James Taylor is my all-time favorite musician.

Today, James Taylor received the National Humanities Medal for the Arts from President Obama. He shared the honor with the likes of musicians Quincy Jones and Sonny Rollins, and authors Joyce Carol Oates and Philip Roth.

Taylor also took part in an unofficial tradition of visiting dignitaries, descending a staircase to the room below the White House press briefing room to scrawl a note on one of the walls. His reads, "Got my medal, feel so proud, James 'fire+rain' Taylor."
From Mommy's Treasures
Photo Source: Miami Herald
Way to go, J.T.!!
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