Saturday, November 6, 2010

Round Robin - In The Window

Way back in 2007, Tammie Jean, formerly of the blog Long Drives to Nowhere, suggested the topic "Windows." A year later, Momma of Sandcastle Momma suggested "Outside Looking In." Let's combine those two ideas, shall we? The topic for Saturday, November 6 is "In the Window". Be sure to click over here to see the linking list of all the others participating in this challenge.

From my archives, here is a favorite picture of the farmhouse B&B we stay in for Antiques Weekend in the spring. It is located near Round Top, TX.

This one was taken at the school where my office is located. In January, on a Friday afternoon, it began to snow. Here in Shreveport, snow is a rarity and we were all so excited that we got absolutely nothing done in our office as we watched it fall. Many of the teachers woke the children up early from their naps so that they could see that strange white stuff fall from the sky. They giggled and laughed as we threw snowballs at their window.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter and her husband a couple of years ago, peeking out of their first little garage apartment window. Unfortunately, it was an extremely hot summer and the herbs and flowers I'd bought for the window boxes died shortly after this picture!

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Jeanette said...

Great pictures! I love the kids smiling at the snow! Snow's not so exciting around here so that picture is precious!

Monica said...

I have to be honest, the second photo is my favorite ... those smiles just brightened my morning! =) I enjoyed all but the middle one really made me smile.

Rita said...

Great shots all. But, the children's glee at seeing the snow is my favorite.

You did a great job with the theme.

Thanks for visiting my doggie in the window. I do so appreciate all those who visit and leave a comment.

sunflowerkat321 said...

I'm with everyone else, there's something very special about the second shot. Children everywhere light up at the sight of snow, but what a thrill it must have been to these little ones.

ellen b. said...

Linda! I love all your photos just great. The one with the kids looking out at the snow is wonderful!

Sandy said...

Great photos! I love the snow one! What an awesome take on a snow photo!

Scrabblequeen said...

LOL...I understand about the rarity of snow...we get the same here. Love your pics, but yes, especially that one!

Lady Fromage said...

I love the window pictures! Although I could do without thinking about snow... ;)

-Lady Fromage

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