Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prayers for Girls

Two of my young students are sick right now---very sick.

In the afternoons after school, I work as a teacher to homebound students. Usually, I just serve one student at a time and for the past 2 school years, I've worked with "A". Being in her home for 4 hours a week gives me an opportunity to become really close to her and to her family. But, for the past 2 weeks, she has been in the PICU battling a staph infection near her brain. She is in a wonderful hospital here in town, but she looks so small in that big hospital bed. I'm happy to report that she's improving and am hopeful that she will be able to have surgery to replace her shunt this week. (again)

Then, since I had some free afternoons, I was called to take on a new student for the last couple weeks of school. This little girl, "A#2" is a kindergarten student recovering from back surgery. Unfortunately, on my third visit, I discovered that she, too had just developed a bad infection--possibly staph--from her recent surgery and she had to return to New Orleans Children's Hospital. She's been there for almost a week now and will probably be there for a while longer, as they decide the best course of action to treat what may be a serious allergy to some of the hardware used in her surgery. Besides the financial burden of traveling to the hospital, being 5 hours away limits her visitors and support system.

I can't imagine what either of these moms must be feeling as they watch their little girls fight the pain and uncertainties of serious illness. I pray that the love and support of friends and family gives them the strength they need during this time.

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jabblog said...

These little children seem to have reserves of strength that older people might envy. I hope there will be a happy, positive outcome for both of them and for all the others in similar situations.

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