Sunday, May 2, 2010


Friday morning, I got up early in order to drop Emmi of at the groomer before school. As we walked out the door, some movement near the carport caught my eye. A baby blue jay was hopping around on the ground,

while his brother sat perfectly still atop one of the chairs.

After grabbing my camera and taking a few pics,

I jumped in the car and took Emmi, then returned home to meet Callie. I was thrilled to find the baby still there--- perched on the chair as adult birds of different varieties swooped around overhead, and chirped their warnings to me. I guess it "takes a village to raise a child" in nature, too. Of course, I took a zillion more pictures of him as he watched me intently.

He was still there when Callie arrived a little while later and never moved as stood just a foot or two away. Of course, I finally had to leave him to go to work but it sure was a great way to start another busy day!

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