Sunday, May 23, 2010

All The Colors Of The Rainbow

Yesterday, I served breakfast at the Hospitality House and lunch at Herbert House for men.

(Betsy, Cheryl, Martha, Mimi, Benny and Sue are really rocking the hair nets, aren't they?--notice I am conveniently missing from this picture!)

It ended up being a good time of fellowship, but also a time to recognize that without volunteers, the Hospitality House is not very hospitable and that we have far more in common with the groups that received the meals than we have differences.
This morning in Sunday School, the message was repeated as we remembered that "God has no favorites". As we cut out pictures of every hue , I asked if anyone knew why we were making a rainbow.

Darlene answered, "Well, it's kind of like us. We're kind of like all the
Yes!!! Each one is special in and of itself, but what a beautiful thing when we are all together!

rainbow collage by the Good News Class

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Chakatoria said...

Great work! Nice use of color. Simply divine! Can't wait to see more from you.

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