Monday, October 20, 2008

Crisis Averted----revisted

Well, this morning certainly was a Monday! I began the day by starting my car and finding an ominous light on the dashboard. Remembering my oldest daughter's experience a week or so ago, I wasn't too worried. After all, this was the same light she'd seen and it only indicated changes in the tire pressure due to the new fall weather. Given the fact that a cold front had moved into our area, I was sure that I had nothing to fear. And so I went about business as usual.

After visiting three different schools this morning, I decided to stop by the car dealership to double-check the warning light. And while Rountree is a very pleasant place to visit, they are not known for their speed. So after waiting for almost an hour, the service manager came out to tell me that there was a nail in my tire and they had been able to repair it. I guess I was lucky after driving around on the nail for a while before getting it checked.

By the way, I think that's why the instruction manual says to "get it checked immediately".
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JJB said...

so.. your crisis yesterday, mine today. rob was in a "pile-up" on 85 at 6:00 this morning. apparently a truck had dropped a steel pipe in the interstate which cars couldn't help but hit. i think a total of 20 or so cars were hit. luckily there's only car damage (rob's not hurt, and no one else was seriously hurt either), but car damage to the tune of $2500, and no "police report" because no other car hit ours. what a way to start the morning!

your BTRS swap buddy! said...

Hi just wanted to let you know that your quilt went in the mail last Weds or Thurs via Priority Mail, so you should have it soon if not already! Just zip me a quick email when you get it, ok? thanks! I hope you like it!

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