Monday, March 24, 2008

Antiques and friends---what could be better??

"Friends don't let friends shop alone." ---anonymous

Spring break began for me a few days ago and I have been enjoying the wonderful weather and the deck behind my house. Emmi is having so much fun exploring and playing in the backyard now that I have it mostly "puppy proof". All too soon, the holiday will be over and work will resume, so I plan to enjoy every minute of the vacation.

And this year, that means that I will be traveling down to south Texas with Valine, her aunt Pam and friends. Pam and her friends began an annual tradition of attending the RoundTop Antiques Weekend several years ago and invited Valine to go with them 2 years ago. Then, last year, they graciously invited me to spend the weekend with them, too. We stayed at a great little farmhouse bed and breakfast and spent each day perusing the treasures at the countless booths.

Because they have been going for a while, they have their own rituals that Valine and I have joined in (you know, "when in Rome, . . ."). Some are kind of corny and not necessarily my style, (like wearing matching shirts and even hats while shopping), but others include sharing our treasures on the last night and eating some great food. I have to admit that even the pink cowboy hats played a part in making it a memorable weekend. We have green polo shirts to wear this year and are supposed to bring our cowboy hats back, along with the hot pink t-shirts that say "Friends Don't Let Friends Shop Alone".

Last year, I made gifts for each person--oilcloth pockets to hang on our shopping carts. They turned out great and were a hit with everyone. Since I still have oilcloth left over, I had big plans to make "wallets" for each person, but as the time is drawing near, I have amended those plans to a less ambitious project. I found these really pretty tissue packs in the dollar bins at Michael's and now I'm putting the finishing touches on the oilcloth tissue holders.

These tissue packs open at the top, so I made a little velcro flap there to accommodate this and since we will be keeping all our belongings in our wire shopping carts, I even included a little strap that can attach to the side. Though not terribly complicated, they did turn out cute and I hope everyone enjoys them. Now if I get started a little earlier, maybe next year, those wallets will become a reality!
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