Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wedding Bells. . . again!!!

He asked...she said yes!
-- Author:Unknown

The weeks leading up to the holidays got pretty hectic with our latest news! Callie got in from college in North Carolina a week before Christmas after almost being stranded in Houston. The crazy weather across the midwest had flights all over the U.S. messed up. Jordan picked her up at the airport and they arrived back here at the house after 12:30 a.m. I opened the door to greet them and she yelled "We're engaged!!!" Wow! Of course, I knew it was coming since Jordan had come and talked to me after Thanksgiving, but I didn't know exactly when he would ask her---or when they wanted the wedding to be.

She was so excited! Jordan surprised her with a ring at the airport and the girl who has never worn a ring on her finger or cared a thing about jewelry at all declared it to be "perfect". I have to admit, it is. It is sweet and feminine and old-fashioned---just like Callie.

So, we're back in the wedding planning business!! Gee----two weddings in 9 months! We've got lots to do between now and July 19. AND, I've got another dress to sew!!! While Jana and Rob were here for the holidays, we visited a nice bridal shop here in town in hopes of making some decisions about the style, etc. so that I can order the fabric. For Jana's dress, I found a great fabric store in Chapel Hill, NC Mulberry Silks carries beautiful silks and laces so I'm sure we'll find something that will be perfect. I'll be going up to Chapel Hill the first of March, so I will definitely be making a visit to the store then. In the meantime, I'll try to make a "mock-up" with some cheap fabric and see how things need to fit.

I've been surprised already by how active Callie has been in the planning process. She's always said that she didn't know how to do any of it and wondered if she could just sort of "show up" when it was her turn. I have quickly learned, however, that she has some very DEFINITE ideas about the way she wants things to be and SHE wants to be the one contacting the vendors, making all decisions, etc. Oops for me! I am pleased that she wants to plan things the way she and Jordan want it to be----it is their wedding and the details should be the way they want them. She's given me a few "jobs" which will satisfy my need to be busy with it all. Hopefully I can keep their dreams and wishes intact with anything I do to help.

A couple of days ago, Callie tried on the ballet slippers that I wore in my wedding and they fit her just right. I will need to have them cleaned up a little bit and find some creative ways to dress them up, but it's special to me that she wants to wear them. After all, ballet flats are quite popular again now anyway!
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