Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sunflowers for Days

If you follow my Instagram, you know that the Sunflower fields I've made several trips out to the sunflower fields lately. The first trip was an impromptu trip with Callie and the boys. We are both trying to get back in our running routine, and weekend runs are essential for that. I've been wanting to join a local group, the SMR (Saturday Morning Run) group, but have been a bit intimidated by the speed and experience within the group. Instead, Callie proposed that we run down to the Farmer's Market where Jordan would meet us with the boys. Ron wanted to run as well, but needed a different route so as to stay within close range of his truck since he was on call, so, he dropped us off near the parkway and we ran the 4.5 miles to the Market.  It was hot and we were slow, but it was good to be outdoors and moving.
After seeing a display of honeybees making honey, Toddler D decided he wanted to spend his 2 quarters on honey. Of course, Mama and Daddy had to supplement it a little bit, but he found a tiny bear full of honey to bring home.
After doing a little bit of shopping and a little bit of eating downtown (yummy strawberry nutella crepes!!!), we made the decision to just head on up to the fields before it got any hotter. All I had with me was my iPhone for photos, and we certainly weren't dressed for photos, but we headed out there nonetheless.

Please be gentle with us----iPhone photography + Sweaty hair and clothes from running = Interesting photos.

Many of the flowers were not yet blooming, but we did find a few patches where we could explore and take photos.
Most of these farms produce cotton and soy beans (and occasionally corn) during the growing season, and as a child, I have fond memories of visiting a friend's farm and riding in the giant trailers filled with cotton--it was like riding on a cloud! 
I love that they now invite the public to come out to enjoy the beauty of sunflowers for no other reason than to make people happy!
(Toddler D has that "cheese" face down, doesn't he?)
It was incredibly hot, so we loaded the boys into the stroller and walked down to the tiny store in Gilliam where we purchased ice pops before going home. I have to say--those were the most refreshing 10 cent pops ever!
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