Thursday, June 1, 2017

June Instagram

Just a quick post to give you an new Instagram challenge for the month of June. We have a couple of new people joining our group, so be sure and check out the hashtag from time to time-you'll be inspired by their interpretations, I'm sure.

For the month of June, I am focusing on Simple Pleasures---those things that we enjoy and often take for granted.  Have fun with it and feel free to interpret the prompts any way you see fit. Part of the fun is seeing what others do with their photos as you capture moments in your own life. For several years now, I have taken at least one photo a day and it is really fun to browse back through the days and see what has happened.  For this month, be sure to use the hashtag #MTSimplePleasuresJune2017.  (you can click on the photo below and save it for easy access on your phone)
If you tend to take tons of photos on your phone and then never print them out, I encourage you to try out Chatbooks.  Several years ago, I began using them to automatically print my Instagram feed into a 6"x6" book, and have never looked back. While I do love to "scrapbook" from time to time, this is a great way to document your day-to-day life for your kid and grandkids without any extra work.

I signed up for Chatbooks when it first began, so was able to get in on $6/book with free shipping. The price has increased a bit since then for newcomers ($8/book), but I still feel like it is worth the money.  While there are several different options available (auto-print from Instagram, design your own, etc., ), I chose the Instagram option. Whenever my Instagram feed reaches 60 photos, they print a book (along with the date and caption) and send it my way.  At the time, I chose to start at the beginning of my Instagram history and "catch up" to the current time by ordering more than one/month at first. Of course, that cost is greater in the beginning if you do it that way, but I now have those days documented as well.

Just an FYI for those Project Life'ers out there, I use the Project Life App, as well, everyday, but I almost always choose a different picture for the day than what is on Instagram so that the books will be different. Project Life is a more in-depth recording of my day-to-day life, while Instagram is just a tiny snapshot. If you want to know more about my Project Life process, check out this post.

Here is a picture of my little collection of Chatbooks--I need to get an additional basket, it seems. 😀

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