Sunday, June 11, 2017

In The Garden: A Tunnel Book

I recently made a book. A couple of months ago, I enrolled in the "tunnel book "class taught by Kelly Hoernig over on Jeanne Oliver Designs and then awaited the beginning of the course. Last week, I finally was able to have time to look at the videos and get started.  Kelly is a wonderful teacher and it was So. Much. Fun!!!

The first step was to apply gesso to my pages on both sides and then let it dry. That was the hardest part for me because I am not very patient when it comes to waiting for things to dry. Next, I painted the pages with a wash of color. We used acrylic paints, which I am not as familiar with except for craft projects, so the background ended up quite a bit darker and more intense than I had envisioned at first.

After binding the pages together, I traced the patterns onto each page and then carefully cut out the openings with my exacto knife.

This was pretty fun, because the book was really starting to take shape and I loved the view into the book.

Next came the painting part. I did a little bit at a time, following her wonderful instructions, but made a few of my own modifications, the main one being the addition of a tiny ladybug on most of the pages.  
Why don't you take a peek inside yourself?
I loved the process and am planning on making another book soon (the gesso is drying as I type). This time, I'm going to try to create my own scenes and hopefully it will be worthy of sharing when I am finished.
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