Sunday, February 5, 2017

Succulent Centerpiece

With my holiday decor packed away, it was time to come up with a new centerpiece for our dining table.  As you know, I generally use one end of the table for my painting, but am trying to be more intentional about not spreading out quite so much so that we can actually eat meals at the table instead of on the couch.  My table is small, however, so it calls for a small centerpiece as well and succulents fit that requirement.

My history with succulents has been less than successful. Most people believe them to be fool-proof, but I am evidence that it just isn't true.  They start off well, but in most cases, I am able to kill them fairly quickly despite my best attempts to keep them alive.  My friend, Pam gave me the cutest little pot of succulents that I placed in my kitchen window.  Within a couple of months all of them had died except one particularly hardy variety. I replaced the dead ones with fake ones from Dollar Tree and the lone survivor continues to live on with its single leaf.
Of course, I knew that my best bet would again be fake succulents. I browsed the aisles at Michael's last week, and found a great selection of plants in all different sizes. All plants were 40% off, so that made them even more affordable.  I bought a small wooden box as well.
I knew that my centerpiece needed to be raised up a little bit, but Valine is the one that gave me the idea of how to do it!  Corks! I have a small jar of corks that was my mom's so I picked out four that sort of matched and set to work.
Remembering a small roll of brass tape that I used for a project a few years ago, I added strips around the top and bottom of the box.
Then, I glued the corks to the bottom.
After they dried, I filled the sections with potting soil and planted the succulents.
I think I will go back and add some rocks around each one of the plants, and I love the size and the beginning of a new tablescape.

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