Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grandy Camp

The last couple of weeks have been super busy with family visiting and a bit of traveling, so I'll begin catching up the blog now.  Adellelyn, Michael came to visit for a week while their parents chaperoned a church trip back in Texas.  Tyler was here at the same time.  We picked up the kids in Terrell and headed back home where Tyler was waiting for us.
Thankfully, their visit coincided with the children's Art Camp at church, so they enjoyed that in the mornings while I got a few things accomplished around the house.
The afternoons were filled with water,
bare feet,
a couple of movies on rainy days
making puppets and a puppet show,
a little babysitting,
an "Uncle Tyler pile" or two,
and a few creepy crawlies---I mean, what visit to Mimi and PaPaw's house would be complete without worms, lizards and a spider spinning its web?.
That $10 I spent on a Slip and Slide at the Dollar General was the best money I've spent in a long time.
By the end of the week, the hose connector had torn, so we taped it up the best we could and used it one last time.  Baby D came over to join us one afternoon.  Up until this point, he had not been too fond of swimming with his parents, so we weren't sure how it would go.  We turned the water down very low and let him ease into it.
With the added enticement of a water bottle, he was soon crawling through the water and splashing with the kids.
They were so sweet and gentle with him.  Trying to get the three of them to pose for a picture was rather tricky.
Between baby D crawling away and Adellelyn not looking at the camera, Michael was getting pretty frustrated.
After a face full of water, we finally got picture of the three of them together, looking at the camera.
Well, almost.   This one is better!
Ron and Tyler finished our new swing set as well.  I'd had the old one since Jana was a year old, so it had seen better days.
The new one was a hit with everyone!!!
Baby D loved being between his big cousins and squealed at the top of his lungs with delight!
There were dinners on the deck,
waffles for breakfast,
and ice cream for dessert.
In between rain showers, we played with Callie's doll house,
Started a paint-by-number,
and banged out a tune or two on the piano (this one was wishing Jana a happy birthday).
Michael and Adellelyn had to go back home on Saturday, but were able to wish Papaw a Happy Father's Day first.
The week  was filled with craziness and chaos at times, but it was fun and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 
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So much fun! For everyone!!

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