Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Philadelphia in June

I am spending this week in Philadelphia, helping out with Luke while Callie teaches a couple of classes at her Master's alma mater, Eastern University.  It's only Tuesday, but we've had a great time so far.  We are so fortunate to have friends with young children that just moved here, that are allowing us to stay in their wonderful home while they are on vacation---we house-sit and take care of the cats, and in return, we have a beautiful home with tons of baby toys and equipment already in place.
Sunday morning, we ventured out to Trader Joe's for groceries and to get a feel for the area.  While out, we discovered a nearby pick-your-own orchard, Linvilla Farms, so we stopped by.  It was wonderful!  There were lots of other families there, taking advantage of the perfect weather.
We rode out to the strawberry fields with baskets in hand.
There were tons of strawberries.
While Callie and I picked strawberries, baby D enjoyed picking leaves and trying to feed them to Callie.
We picked until our baskets were full.
We then boarded a hayride back to the main farm area to have our berries weighed.
It was baby D's first hayride, but he didn't seem to mind the prickly stuff at all.  In fact, he was kind of fascinated by it.

Each morning, we drive Callie into town amidst the morning rush hour.
Back at the house, babyD and I have taken walks through the VERY hilly neighborhood, and even ventured down the Longpoint Wildlife Sanctuary trail to the river.   The trail had not been cleared this spring and there was a tree blocking our path near the bottom, so we just trudged back to the top.  
The rest of our days have been spent doing stuff like this:
In the evening, we go back into town to have dinner with Callie and wait until she is finished with classes to come home.
It's been great so far and I look forward to more days of relaxing and playing with this little guy!

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JJB said...

I was trying to figure out how you were staying some place with toys! Looks like fun though! Hopefully it's been a bit of a vacation for both of you, despite the teaching of classes and babysitting of a grandbaby. Can't wait to be included in your pics in a few weeks!

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