Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Little Pouf

Now that baby D is getting bigger, Callie and Jordan have been working on making his room "toddler-friendly".  They are re-arranged some things and added a little play area and Callie asked if I could make a pouf for him to sit on.  Back in the fall, I helped Jana make a pouf for baby B's room and I made an extra lining at that time, with this very project I mind.  At that time, we ran into a few kinks in the construction---mainly because I didn't think it through very well.  I opted to make a lining and stuff it first so that the cover could be removed for washing.
Unfortunately, the slit that I'd left open was not quite large enough for the stuffed pouf to fit.
We stuffed. . . and prodded . . . and laughed so hard at the antics we undertook to try to make it fit before we finally to taking the stuffing out again before sewing the opening shut.  (the pics are terrible because we were laughing too hard)
In the end, it turned out great.  But, if the cover gets dirty?   Well, too bad.
This time, I learned from my mistakes ---- well almost.  Notice anything wrong with the lining here?
Ahhhh, that's better.
For this pouf, I inserted a zipper around the sides to facilitate removing and washing the cover, when needed.
And a handle to make it easier to drag it around (like baby B's).
Now to get baby D to try it out.
Ummmm, getting closer.
Give him a ball----  Just right!

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JJB said...

Oh the series of the pictures at the end... I love them, and him!!

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