Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Camper Mini-Makeover

When we bought out travel trailer a few weeks ago, it was in pretty great shape.  While not new, it certainly isn't vintage and the previous owners kept it very clean. (Thank you, Juliet).  Yet, there were some things that we needed to take care of in order to get it ready for our first camping trip.

The most important order of business was a small leak that had developed around the AC unit.  Armed with MANY cans of Leak Sealant, Ron was able to fix it and do some preventive maintenance around the other rooftop appliances.   While he was busy with that, I set to work with a mini-makeover inside.  The upholstery on the cushions was still in very good shape, but I didn't care for the fabric much and decided to do a little sewing to spruce things up (to which Ron rolled his eyes---numerous times).
I wanted a durable fabric that looked nice and was not too girly, so I picked out a dark denim along with navy polka-dot and paisley fabrics for curtains.
I made slipcovers with velcro closures that can be removed for washing.  The trailer also has a privacy curtain that hangs by the queen-size bed.  I took it down and removed the plastic header tape before stitching up a new one.
I didn't have quite enough denim, so I used a navy polka dot on top and trimmed it with red pom-poms.  I really like how this area turned out.
Next up, I asked Ron to help me remove the "wooden" valances that hung over a couple of the windows.  This request was met with another roll of eyes and a few days of stalling---probably hoping that I would change my mind.   In the meantime, I whipped up some fabric valances to take their place.  In the end, I think that even Ron thinks the changes are an improvement.
Our bed got a major overhaul.
I purchased a new mattress cover, new sheets and made new curtains, trimmed with red rick-rack. Last week, I even had time to stitch up a few throw pillows for our bed.  A couple of years ago, I started collecting the reproduction state/National Park dish towels, but they have mostly been sitting in my kitchen linen drawer.  I pulled them out, folded them in half and made three new pillows.
I found a cute vintage embroidery pattern online and stitched it onto a piece of muslin that I already had to make this little pillow.
Sure beats camping on the ground!

Lastly, while making the vinyl decals for our camping glasses, I cut out this quote and added it to a small metal chalkboard that I found at Joann Fabrics.  I dry-brushed a big of navy paint onto the rope edge before hanging it above our bed.
There are still a few more things to be done.  I still have one more curtain to complete for the bunk bed area and I want to re-cover the boards surrounding the top bunk with denim, and there is still one more "wooden" valance about the door that needs to come down.
But, I am enjoying it's new, fresh look and love that it fits my personality a bit more now.
I'm thinking this little camper of ours needs a name.  Any ideas?!?!?!
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JJB said...

It looks so good! Hope we get a chance to go camping with you guys some time!

Vanessa said...

wow, it looks great! Hope yall had fun camping!

Vanessa said...

Wow, it looks awesome. I love it. Hope yall had fun camping in it!

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