Tuesday, May 12, 2015

18/52 - Clean

18/52 - M4H Project 52

Knowing that we would be camping this weekend, and that I would have lots of opportunities to snap pictures, I waited until the weekend to try to capture this week/s theme.  Unfortunately, I had not counted on the weekend being rainy and anything EXCEPT clean.   Here are my two favorite shots for this theme:

1.  Adellelyn is half "girly-girl" and half "tom-boy."  She is just as enchanted with pristine, CLEAN ruffles and anything sparkly as she is with wading through the mud catch a bug or a frog.
2.  Baby D had his first encounter with swimming and the beach this weekend.  He liked wading (with lots of help) in the shallow water, and was fascinated by the sand.  He would finger it, then scoop up a little and try to get it into his mouth.  Callie had to continually splash water on his hands to CLEAN the sand off before it reached his mouth.

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