Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rain Drops Keep Falling

It has been raining off and on for several days around here. As I returned home from church this morning, there was a lull in the showers that gave me a chance to notice the rain drops on the flowers that are beginning to bloom. I have begun participating in a photography class online and this was a good chance to put some of my newly acquired information into practice.

ShootFlyShoot is a new project of Kevin Palmer (of The Lettered Cottage) and Josh Moates, his friend and fellow photographer. Their first class, Photography 101 , is now up and running and I joined up. The class is aimed at beginners who are hoping to learn to operate their DSLR cameras in manual mode. It is very reasonably priced and consists of a set of videos that you can watch at your leisure. I like being able to watch, practice, and then watch some more or review the sections that I need more instruction in.

Anyway, I've now watched several of the lessons and I want to take some time to practice before moving on. I certainly don't have it all figured out yet, but with each lesson I watch, it begins making more and more sense. You might remember these photos of camellias that I took a couple of weeks ago. They were fine, but I did use Photoshop to adjust them--make them sharper, brighter, etc. Here's one I took today---straight out of the camera, with no adjustments.

Here they are side by side---different flowers on the same bush, but the lighting conditions were very similar:

And here is another picture of the same blossom:

One of my favorite azaleas, my Peppermint Azalea, also has a few blooms on it:

And then, just because camera practice for me just doesn't seem complete without a bird photo:

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Teresa said...

Impressive photos, very lovely "after" shots.

JJB said...

these look awesome!!

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