Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shampoo and Such

So why am I so excited about these products?

Instead of washing my hair as I have for the last 3 weeks:

I got to take a real shower this morning!!!!! Hooray!

At therapy yesterday, I was able to begin trying to bend my thumb. Who knew something I have taken for granted would be so very difficult! I also learned that I had misunderstood Kim when she told me my thumb had to be immobilized for 3 weeks-I thought that after that I would be getting the splint off. Nope, another 3 weeks in the splint--but I am able to remove it for a shower and to do exercises. So, right now I am thankful for that small luxury!
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JJB said...

Yay for a real shower! I know that's a huge relief!!

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