Friday, June 13, 2008


"Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend." --Corey Ford

Last night, Emmi and I began obedience training. Along with Carol & Ron and their lab, Buddy, we drove downtown to receive our new training collars and leads and then waited for class to begin. About 12 of us were there with our dogs and the dogs were all amazingly well-behaved. Most were larger breeds or mixed breeds, so Emmi and a little Schnauzer were the only small dogs there.

It was so hot and humid that class had to stop a little early (mostly for the humans, I'm afraid), but we did learn how to teach our dogs to "sit", "stay" and "heel". According to our teacher, from now on, I must be sure that Emmi knows who is boss! (Personally, I think she already knows----and most of the time it's not me!!) Actually things went pretty well and Emmi "sat" with just a little help and "heeled" very well while we were there in class. Now, that doesn't mean she'll be able to do it back at home, but hopefully by next week, if we practice each day, Emmi will soon be sitting upon command.
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