Saturday, October 28, 2017

East Texas Swamp Tour

With fall in the air, Debbie and I set out on another photography adventure last week. Upon arriving at Captain Ron’s Swamp Tours in Karnack,TX for a cruise down the  Little Cypress.

It was a beautiful morning and we were virtually the only ones on the river at the time.
We enjoyed the peace and quiet and just observing the scenery. Although we were in east Texas, it certainly felt like Louisiana as well with the towering cypress trees and Spanish moss hanging from every limb.

While narrating the trip, our boat captain also educated us about some of the flora and fauna. Even after living in Louisiana all of my life, I never knew what gave cypress trees their flare at the bottom. (Can you spot the birds in the next couple of pictures?)
I learned that the flare is created when the cypress knees close to the base fold in and join the tree as it grows. In addition, cypress knees are only produced in standing water, not on land, and will not be adopted by another tree, even if they pop up closer to that particular tree.
As the knees fold in and are incorporated into the tree itself, the flared bottom provides additional stability as it grows.
And have you ever wondered what inspired manufacturers to produce a water repelling products like Rain X and Scotch Guard? According to our guide, scientists were inspired by the water repellency of the leaves of lily pads and lotus.
He splashed water on some to demonstrate the principle that also allows them to float on top of the water.
After our tour, we wandered around a bit until we found the tiny marina café that was recommended to us for lunch.  And I must admit, the fried catfish that I enjoyed was the perfect ending to a great day!! 

The only thing better than inspirational scenery to photograph is having a great friend who shares your passion!

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