Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dot To Dot Connections

I started this blog quite a few years ago. In fact, it is really hard to believe that I have posts dating back to the year 2007!!  Is that crazy or what?!?!  In scrolling back through my posts, it is easy to see that my posts ebbed and flowed along with life in general. If I had a big project underway, or had done some traveling, I posted more regularly. As things got busy in my work or personal life, I backed way off of blogging.  This blog has always been a personal thing--a way to record some of what is happening in my life and to share some of the DIY projects that I always seem to be undertaking.

I plan to keep on blogging occasionally here, but as you know, I have also started another blog related to a small business I am beginning. There, you will find information that is related to the business, as well as ideas for activities to do with kids, product reviews and suggestions, etc.

Today, I am happy to announce that the entire website is now up and running!!  
Along with it, I am introducing my first subscription box---COLOR MAGIC! It is a box full of materials to complete a variety of activities with your child. The directions are all there, with easy-to-follow steps and there is a great book to read as well. Finally (my favorite part), there are journaling cards with question prompts for you to complete with your child. I really love this box of activities, but I'm already working on the next one. I have so many ideas and it is hard to narrow them down!

This whole business thing is kind of a "leap of faith" experience. I have had this dream going on in my head and finally decided to act upon it. I have no idea how it will all turn out---which twists or turns it may take--but, I don't ever want to regret not trying. I hope you will hop over to the website and take a look around and please invite others as well. If you would like a free activity to download for your child, be sure to sign up on the Dot To Dot blog. I promise not to fill you inbox with spam, but I will let you know when new products/boxes are available, as well as future freebies.
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