Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day #4

While I would have loved to have known ahead of time that the schools would have be closed, this morning, I got up, showered, ate breakfast and just happened to have time to check Facebook before I left.  Good thing!  The TV station we'd been listening to had not reported that our schools were closed, but my FB friends sure did!
With one more snow day under our belt today, it only seemed fitting to post the last of my snow pictures from February.  When Ron got home from work on the first snow day, we drove down to the duck pond to see what things looked like down there.  It was still sleeting at that point, and I loved watching it bounce off the hood of the truck.

There were kids enjoying our Louisiana version of sledding, on cardboard boxes and boogie boards.
The poor ducks seemed a bit confused by it all.
I'm quite sure this is not what they'd bargained for when they flew south for the winter.

On the last snow day, we went out to the Wildlife Refuge.
Most of the snow had melted by the time we arrived and my warm boots (fake Uggs) were no match for the cold, soggy mess.
Of course, there were birds everywhere, particularly cardinals.
Everything looked so pretty with the dusting of snow that remained in the underbrush and along the sides of the trails.
Yet, even in the very cold temperatures, and the fading gray of a snow day, there seemed to be the promise of spring.
That experience prompted me to order a new pair of snow boots when I got home.  I only need them a few days a year, at most, but they should last a very long time for me.   In fact, I had them on this morning, ready for a day at school.
I guess I can kick these off now and pull on some slippers instead.

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