Sunday, March 8, 2015

8/52 - Perspective

M4H Project 52 - Perspective

You've already seen this picture once in my collection of snow photos, but since I'm trying to post my weekly photos from Project 52 and just realized that I never posted the 8th prompt.   I know that most of the country is ready to be done with all the cold and snow. But, here in Louisiana, one inch of sleet on the ground brought joy to everyone---especially those of us who are teachers. In this picture, it appears that both Emmi (our small Maltese) and Joy (a Sheltie) are having the time of their lives in the snow. Actually, Joy IS having the time of her life, while Emmi is running as fast as she can to get back inside where it is warm. It's all in your perspective . . . and perhaps the the quality of your fur coat.

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