Friday, January 17, 2014

I'm Back!!

I guess you it's a sign of how busy life has become when you realize that my last blog post was the first day of school!!   Yep, once school started, blogging took a quick back seat and now I can't believe that it has been almost 5 months since I last posted!   I'm not making any promises, but I'm HOPING to become a bit more regular in blogging--I have missed jotting down the events going on around here.

It's January now, and I should probably begin with a few highlights of the last few months.  Some of you that follow me on Instagram have been able to keep up with some of the happenings, but here's a photo re-cap:

September:  Labor Day--I went to South Carolina to visit Rob and Jana while Ron headed to south Texas for the gender reveal party of his son, Terry's first baby.

We attended the wedding of one of Callie's best friends down in New Orleans--it was beautiful!

We also spent a night in Natchitoches so that Ron could participate in the Meat Pie Tri.   It was his first time at this particular triathlon and it rained through most of it, but we still had a good time.  I will always love Natchitoches!!

Ron and I (and Callie, Jordan, and his parents, Becky and Dennis) all signed up for the USA Fit Half Marathon/Marathon training.   It was quite a commitment---24 weeks of 6:00 Saturday morning runs, plus runs during the week---but we made it and it all culminates this weekend with the Louisiana Marathon down in Baton Rouge.  After hurting my thigh a couple of weeks ago, I no longer have any illusions of making a PR, but I'm sure hoping I can at least cross the finish line.
In between weekly "long runs" and mid-week runs, we participated in several 5 and 10K races this fall, as well as a Half Marathon for Ron.
The Revel 5K
Autumn Breeze 10K

Logjammer 5K and Half Marathon (I won first in my age group---one of the advantages to being in an older age group is that there is such little competition!)

Turkey Trot 5K (Dan was our very cold spectator, cheering us on from under a pile of blankets)

October:  At the beginning of October, I was unable to attend the baby shower for our newest grandbaby because of distance, but I made him a quilt with Elephants and Squirrels that turned out really nice.  (can't wait to make a couple more for my next grandchildren!)

A few weeks later, I crafted Halloween costumes for the grandkids---a fancy black cat for Ady and a Spiderman for Michael.

Somewhere in the midst of all that, Callie and Jordan adopted a puppy after she saved it from the middle of a busy street in Bossier City.  Those of you that know Callie, know that to be an unusual thing for her--she has always been afraid of dogs.  But, she fell in love with this one and Toby came to live with them.  Of course, she had not idea that cute little 3 pound puppy would turn into a 20 pounder in just a few short months!!

November:  We held the Greater Gift Market again at church, with this year being one of the most successful ever.  There was such a nice variety of beautiful products.

We also mourned the loss of Jana and Rob's little one, wising more than ever that she was within hugging distance!!!!
We went to see Ady's cheer team perform at the Dallas Cowboy stadium--their first competition ever. What a hoot to see 3 and 4 year olds doing stunts and cheering!   Ady was so excited that she got to wear makeup and won a trophy!!

That same weekend, we went camping at Tyler State Park and had a wonderful time!!!

Dan's enrichment class had a "fair" that I attended---what a wonderful thing that Dan was awarded "Outstanding Student" for the year!!  He was so proud!

Ron and I were able to slip away for a lovely night in Jefferson, Texas, thanks to my wonderful Antiquing buddies.  It was such a nice, relaxing time and the B&B was beautiful!

We finally completed the "make-over" of Dan's room/Ron's office just in time for his Thanksgiving visit.   What a change!!   I still have a few small tasks to complete, such as a cushion for the chest at the end of the bed, and a window shade, but it is basically finished and we love it.  Amazing how much more roomy things seem once the ceilings were lifted back up and everything got a fresh coat of white paint. 

Thanksgiving brought more busy, family fun---Michael, Ady and their parents spent the week with us, along with Dan, and Callie and Jordan were in and out throughout the time.

December:  December 1st brought a visit by "Jack Crystal", the new elf that we gave Ady and Michael before they went back home.  Having never heard of the Elf on the Shelf, Michael was skeptical at first, but soon even he became a believer when Jack Crystal watched his every move and even appeared at their house once they drove home.  (Callie also made me promise that I would never bring an elf to their house that they would have to keep up with-).

We welcomed (via long-distance) the arrival of the newest Perkins, Archer, thankful that he arrived safely and that there were wonderful doctors there to take care of his very sick mama.   Fortunately, both are now in good health and enjoying life at home together with his daddy.

I had the pleasure of helping Young Blooms with the flowers for a beautiful wedding downtown and took photos of the arrangements and bouquets for her portfolio.

A few days before Christmas, Callie and Jordan presented us with a Christmas present--a family picture calendar for 2014 that showed an ultrasound picture for the month of July!  Yep, Callie is pregnant and "baby Dean" is due in July!
Christmas was a happy kind of chaos that only a too-small house filled to the brim with adults, kids and dogs can bring.  Jana and Rob came from SC to spend the week, which was such a great treat and of course Dan was here, along with Ron's daughter's family.

Life is good.  Life is full.  God is good!!   2013 was a wonderful year, full of changes and excitement.   2014 promises to do the same in many ways!! See you again---soon!

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