Monday, January 27, 2014

GROW . . .

As part of my focus on GROWING this year, I have chosen to once again participate in Ali Edwards' "One Little Word" class.  Each month, we are given prompts to help us keep our word in the forefront of our minds and to live out more fully.  In the past, I found it to be really helpful and think it will be again this year.  The prompts are different from the last time I took the class and I'm already enjoying it.  One of the parts of "growing" for me is to be less concerned about what others think and to feel more confident in my own thoughts and direction.  That includes feeling more confident about how I approach this process and being willing to share my thoughts with others (there is even a Facebook group where we share our pages).   I tend to be quite private in some areas, and that is not likely to change drastically, but baby steps, right?!?!?   So here are my pages for January--my thoughts and intentions:

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JJB said...

May this be a year of growth for you! In all the ways you mention and more that you can't even imagine!

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