Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Rustic Wedding --- in Photos

When Ron and I began to plan our wedding, we knew that we wanted something appropriate for our ages (50+ years) that was as stress-free as possible and comfortable for our guests.   We wanted things to be nice, but wanted the main emphasis to be on the commitment we were making to each other.   I began to look for ideas online and Jana even began a Pinterest board for me entitled "Mama's Getting Hitched" where we could begin pinning ideas.   I found lots of inspiration for rustic affairs, but obviously, most were planned for young brides and there was very little inspiration or even advice for more mature couples.  But, at the age of 54, we felt the freedom to do things the way WE wanted, whether or not they followed the "rules".  We held the ceremony in an untraditional location, invited the people we were closest to and dressed in the way that we were comfortable.  I was lucky enough to just "happen upon" a dress that I liked and with the help of friends and family, the other touches just kind of came together.  There were some special touches, like the blue earrings that Kathy sent to me, the "anniversary book" that I gave to Ron as a gift and the sweet pewter bowl that Callie and Jana presented us.  Jana designed the invitations (which I showed you in the last post) and Callie and Jordan provided all the music (which was wonderful)!!  The best part of the day (besides becoming Mrs. Perkins) was the fact that our family and closest friends were there with us.
(BEWARE:  there are lots of photos ahead)!





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Teresa said...

Linda, loved seeing these photos, plus the unique details on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing!!

JJB said...

Yay!!! Can you believe it's already been a month and a half?!?!? So glad to have been a part of y'all's special day!

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